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Amydrium Medium - Silver

Amydrium Medium - Silver

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Silver blue specimen with unique texture from the Monsteriod family. 

Vigorous viner, which can have sparse leaves. We combine many vines to each pot to start you out with a bushier specimen. We recommend giving this plant something large to climb, if you’d like to enjoy this plant in all its glory.

We notice that this silver version produces significantly less runners than its green counterpart, though the runners carry a high success rate of propagation. 

The roots are on the thinner side and grow slowly, but are quite hardy. They can adapt to semi-hydro but an aroid potting mix is recommended for best growth. 

Amydrium (Genus) - There aren't many species in this genus, but each is quite unique.These plants grow along the forest floor and on the tree trunks of the lower stories of the rainforests of Indochina.

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