Established 2020

Originally established in June of 2020, our plant shop was born in the heart of Brooklyn, NY from a love of all plants that display color, beauty, and diversity.

Grown Indoors vs. Outdoors

There is a clear difference between plants that are grown outdoors and indoors.

When a plant is grown outside, it is exposed to the natural elements. Rain, wind, prolonged heat exposure, drought, low exposure to sunlight, poor soil quality, contaminants, toxins and other realities of the outdoors can inflict notable and irreversible damage to the aesthetic integrity of the plant.

We nurture and grow all of our plants indoors, in a controlled space that provides all of the ideal conditions of their native environment, without all of the dangers, damage and pitfalls that they would potentially endure. Water, nutrition, light and humidity are carefully balanced with an artificial day/night cycle to ensure that they develop to their fullest potential of fitness and beauty. Using targeted techniques, we work to increase the likelihood of variegation and other anomalous and emergent features that serve to make your plant all the more unique and irreplaceable.

What to expect

We strive to supply you with the most stunning and healthy plants possible.  

We do not sell plants that are not established. You can always expect a healthy root system, along with beautiful foliage, on every plant. And since our plants are grown indoors, you can expect stunning undamaged leaves.

We offer plants to meet your budget and aesthetic sensibilities with a wide selection of size and price options. Whether you’re looking for a small two-leaf starter plant or a mature and developed exhibit of beauty and form, we offer a diverse collection to help you build yours. You’ll find everything you’re looking for to elevate and bring vibrant life to any space.

We do not use stock photos. Each product page provides a photo of the actual plant that you will be receiving, so you are never unsure or in the dark about what you are paying for. So, browse our product pages and see if you fall in love.

What to Look Forward To

We are still a growing small business, but we have big plans for the future. We not only plan to expand our collection, offering larger plants and a wider variety, but we are also working to contribute to and help grow the local NYC plant collector community. Keep an eye on our newsletter for future announcements about pop-ups, plant swaps, and even an option for local pick-up from our growhouse.